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the Infidel Castros: review

wow! wow! wow! wow! WOW! wow! wow! wow! wow!
I received my copy of “strange enchanted” It is amazingly good.
The Infidel Castros
The singer is sexy…the guitar player is cool…the violinist is dangerous….
It was early morning when I hopped into my car to drive to work. The sun was rising, it was beautiful. I hit play and the enchantment started.
Energy from the sun that had traveled 93 million miles to bounce off the trees, the fields and the grass entered my eyes and sent electrical impulses to my mind. When the beautiful visual information arrived within my brain it was introduced to the vibrations that had left the Castro’s, was captured by an electronic machine and transferred to a thin polycarbonate and aluminum disk which had traveled through time and space to arrive in my hand, which placed it inside of a player that released the enchanted vibrations into the space within my vehicle and was then captured by my ears and then traveled to my brain. Like two serpents entwined, the visual and the audio began a dance that sucked my consciousness away from the normal reality. By the time the song “Crows” began I knew that I was going for a ride. But it was the combination of “Bacchanale – Nature Boy – Nothing is Innocent” that gave me the final push into a strange enchanted dimension.
Since I have received this magic gift I have been spending time in this extraordinary land of Black Skies and Clouds where bizarre creatures with Rockabye  Cold Cold Hearts and Paper Wings float down Big Rivers. Although they Ain’t Misbehavin’, they are definitely Infidels.
Rumor has it that the Dangerous Violinist will be sending even more gypsy vibrations into the world.
I want to travel to that dimension also!
Michael Columbus - Cosmic Space and Times